How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Tips on How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

how to increase traffic to your blogA blog without traffic looks like a super market without visitors. So, this means,no visitors, no readers, no sales and no money. It is a fact that, every person who starts a blog, wants to make money of it. In order to earn money through blogging, you need lots of traffic, at least regular visitors. You wonder, how to increase traffic to newly created blog. No worries, it is still possible to drive unlimited amounts of website traffic to your blog, even if it is new.

I did my best to list the latest and powerful ways to drive traffic to your blog in 2013.  Pay close attention to every paragraph and implement them for your blog. Don’t just read every article you find, test the written tutorials with your blog and gain experience while doing so.

Important Tips Before Driving Traffic to Your Blog

Before thinking about the website traffic, you need to pay attention to some aspects about your blog and business. You don’t want to waste visitors that come to your blog, right ? You want returning visitors and make more sales,right? Then, consider those tips before going deep on thinking how to increase traffic to you website or sales page.

How to Choose Right Niche for Your Website

This means, you have to think twice before getting your business online. Choosing a competitive niche will give you nothing. Try to select niches that are less or non competitive. Also, pick out a topic which you can write article around that. Always create posts with long tail keywords that are easy to rank and get traffic.

Google Keyword Tool – analyze keywords and traffic details

Have a Clean and Attractive Design

Imagine, you visit a site that has an ugly design and tumble appearance. Will you visit that website again? Of course, you will forget that site forever. So, you had better spend a little time and money to design your blog to make it professional. If you are using wordpress, you may purchase a premium wordpress theme for your site.


WordPress Themes – Free Themes Database – 85 Premium Themes for just $39 – Lots of wordpress themes, starting at $5 – professional wordpress themes at lowest price –  A Popular Thesis Theme


Use The Best Hosting for Your Blog

Don’t be in a hurry when choosing a web hosting account for your blog. Having a slow hosting will destroy all your plans. Depending on your budget, you can choose between shared and VPS hosting. Check out top 39 best web hosting companies with 17 popular managed wordpress hosting providers to decide. – Best Shared Hosting Provider ( $3.95/month+ free domain ) – Best WordPress Hosting Company ( $29/month )


16 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog or Website


1. Search Engine Traffic

Search engines are the most popular ways to get targeted traffic to your blog. But it is not as easy as stated. You need a proper search engine optimization and knowledge in order to get ranked 1st and receive traffic.


QuickSprout.comHow to Rank on Google Without Buying One Paid Link


2. Facebook

Facebook is a great platform to drive crazy traffic. Have a like, share button on your articles, create an official facebook page of your blog. Increase page fans by adding page widget into your blog.

SocialMediaExaminer.comHow to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Blog

3. Twitter

Twitter is a micro blogging network where you can share 140 character statuses. It is also a big social network with millions of active users. Create a twitter account for your website and gain followers. With twitter’s retweet feature, your blog posts can receive millions of visitors in short time.

TrafficGenerationCafe.comHow to Drive Traffic from Twitter

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a new generation of social network sites. According to the statistics, Pinterest is the number one network for referral traffic. By just adding a photo of your posts, you can get thousands of visitors at once.

BlueFountainMedia.comHow to Get Traffic from Pinterest

5. Linkedin

Linkedin is a professional network for business people. You can create a page or group to promote your website through this network. Moreover, they offer a paid advertising to targeted audience of your choice.

MaximizeSocialBusiness.com10 Ways to Get Website Traffic from Linkedin

6. Guest Posts

Writing guest posts on other related blogs is a popular way to increase traffic to your blog. There are plenty of blogs which accept guest posts from other bloggers. If your articles follow their guidelines ,then expect to get a link back with quality traffic to your site.

IncomeDiary.comHow to Write a Viral Guest Posts for A-List Blogs

7. Commenting on other Blogs

This is already a known and great way to get additional traffic. Pick a list of related blogs, subscribe them via email. And once, you get notification of new blog post is published, visit and put your opinion with link back to your blog. Alternatively, you can search for blogs which are commentluv enabled. are Fool, If You Don’t Comment on Other Blogs

8. Paid Search Traffic

While paid traffic can be very expensive, but, at the same time it can bring in fast and very targeted visitors. If you are going to spend money for it, prepare yourself to lose some money,if not thousands.

WordStream.comLearn PPC Marketing

9. Youtube

Youtube is the number one video social site in the internet. Create and upload quality, informative videos to promote your blog. Just put in your website link in the description to drive visitors. - 9 Tips to Maximize Youtube’s Marketing Potential

10. Viral Traffic

Viral traffic is a dream of any marketer online. It doesn’t happen always. You have to own a good knowledge about what can be a viral topic for your niche.

SmallBizTrends.comViral Marketing Examples

11. Forum Traffic

Forums are great places to promote your business and blogs. Find a list of forum that allows signatures under your posts. Then register for an account and publish useful threads,comment on most popular topics to gain visitors to your website.

SeoAllRounder.comUltimate Guide to Get Traffic from Forums

12. PingBack Traffic

Simply, share related blog posts of other bloggers inside your articles. And, if the post author accepts your pingback, you post will be published on comment section of that post.

13. Squdioo

Squidoo is an authority web 2.0 platform that search engines love and trust. You can easily build backlinks and get traffic by posting articles at Squidoo. It is very easy to rank Squidoo lens on Google, if you know how to do it.

1stWebDesigner.comHow to Use Squidoo to Get More Traffic

14. Yahoo Answers Traffic

Yahoo Answers is a question answers portal which is visited by millions of visitors across the world. Many people look for the answers of their questions at YA. Go to the main site and search for the related questions about your blog niche. Then post legit answers with your website link.

NicksTrafficTricks.comHow to Use Yahoo Answers for Huge Traffic

15. StumbleUpon

Stumbleupon is a unique idea of the internet since years. The website allows you to send unlimited amount of traffic to your blog in many topics. If your stumbled page get many likes, the platform shows it to many users at the site. Thus your blog gets regular visitors every day.

ViperChill.comGet Massive Traffic from StumbleUpon

16. Take Interviews

You can also increase traffic for your blog with interviews. Again, communicate with bloggers in your niche and ask them for interviews. Then, post it on your blog .  Most probably, a person you took the interview, will notify its reader about your blog post.

ThinkTraffic.netHow to Spicy Up Your Blog with Interviews


The article was about how to increase traffic to your blog using online tools and websites. Remember, you will yourself discover the new ways while implementing those methods for your blog. So, don’t stop and begin driving traffic for your site in 2013.

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