How to Make $300 a Day with Free Images

make $300 per day

Today, I am going to share with you a working method, that can make you $300 a day. This awesome money making method is successfully being used by me since 2011. If you follow what I am telling you  below, expect to earn enough money within the first two weeks, if not days. It depends the resources, whether you have them already or you have to develop them. OK, lets go into the method.

How to Earn Money with Free Images

This method is very easy to implement, even for non skilled internet users. The thing you need to do, is just collect funny, interesting pictures and save it on your PC or Laptop. Later on, we will use these images to build a website, drive traffic and earn revenue. Check out, step by step method of making money with free pics in 2013.


# 1 –  Buy a Domain

This is the first step you need to do. Go to and search for available domain names for your site. Try to purchase a short domain name, like or similar ones. It really doesn’t matter, but it would be better to have a short and memorable domain extension. Getting a .com is the best choice. I have included a coupon below to get cheap .com domain with free whois guard.

  • REDEEM – Get $4 .com with free Whois privacy

# 2 – Host your Website

Choosing a web hosting for your site is one of the most important things in this method. Because of heavy traffic your site is going to get, you need a powerful and best wordpress hosting account. I recommend using , because of several reasons. Running the image site like this, needs fast loading and CDN for images. Wpengine offers the best solution for huge traffic and high bandwidth content sites.

Alternatively, if you have a tight budget, you can sign up for wordpress hosting account. The hosting plan costs $3.95/month with the coupon code listed below. Also, you get a free domain name with $100 worth advertising credit.

  • – pre pay for yearly hosting and get 2 month for free
  • – $3.95 per month with free domain and $100 Adwords voucher

#3 Get a Special WordPress Theme

This method requires the special premium wordpress theme for it to work.  Not every wordpress template can work with this image site. We need a site that looks like or Because of easy navigation of those sites, users can browse and share several images while they are on site.

  • WPLOL – Damnlol Clone WordPress Theme

Once you have a ready website, it is time to upload images. Considering, you have already collected some funny pictures, now you can post them at your site. Post at least 100 pics on your site, before getting started with promoting .

How to Promote and Get Thousands of Visitors

Now, if you have followed all the steps above, it is time to get visitors.

1. Facebook

Probably, you have a Facebook account like everyone else. Go to create a page on Facebook.  Create a fan page of your site. So if it is make it like . Post updates from your website, gain new likes every day. Moreover, you can also open a group at Facebook. Alternatively, you can promote your page via Facebook ads.

Once you created a page, share it with your friends and ask them to share too.  Set your profile as your Facebook page and begin commenting on other pages or peoples profiles. Don’t spam, you won’t go anywhere with that. Just comment like you do it on Facebook every day. Thus, people will see your page name and may like it.

Regularly update your page with funny images and videos. And put a link on status updates. From my experience, I noticed that, FB users don’t like when you share only the content from the website. Instead share related pic or video and just put in your website url. So, thus, people can see the photo you post and like,share it within Facebook.


2. StumbleUpon

The next step is to sign up for StumbleUpon account.  Did you know that SU can bring in millions of viral traffic in short time. After you are a registered user, add your pages , add friends, gain followers and create lists. If your page gets more likes, then it will receive more traffic.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is big social network that is the number one site for sending referral traffic.  Sign up for an account and pin your pictures, create boards, follow people.

4. Google Plus

Just another social network with millions of active users. Just like other ones, you can create a page, post updates to promote your image site at Google +

5. Twitter

Twitter, now allows you to upload images with your tweets. Register a twitter account , gain followers, interact with them. Post status updates several times a day with your website link.

6. Youtube

Youtube can help your site to get thousands of visitors per day. Create or find funny videos, upload them to Youtube and share the videos with your friends. In the description field, put in your website link with all the social network accounts above.


Did you Know? You can easily get new Facebook likes, shares, StumbleUpon followers, Twitter tweets, retweets, followers, favorites, Google Plus circles, Youtube likes, comments, views, subscribers, Pinterest pins, repints, likes, followers with two sites below.

Register at and Get 50 Points

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How to Monetize and Make Money with Image Blog

Google Adsense – the best choice for monetization.  300X250 image and text ad block works best. – sell ad space, you can set the monthly and CPM price for advertisements. – monetize your images.


If you are a newbie and want to make money online fast, don’t bother yourself with complex methods. Just use the method above and make your first dollars online.

Comment below for your questions. If you have difficulties to begin and run this method, just put a question at the comment field. I will do my best to help as many people as I can.

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