Feeding The dog- Fun activity for kids to teach counting & addition


Learning counting need not be boring. To make counting fun I keep trying different ways. Today, I am sharing one such Kids activity which can be used as fun playing, counting activity, and even addition and subtraction activity.

Age group:

1 TO 6 years( change the complexity depending on the age group)

Helps to learn:

Counting, addition, subtraction. And can be feeding dog fine motor and eye-hand coordination activity for younger kids.

Materials needed:

Small cardboard box(toothpaste box is enough), white paper/sheet, pen or sketch pen, scissor, and glue.


  1. Draw a puppy on a white sheet of paper. Make a cutout of the puppy drawing.
  2. Cut open the mouth section, so that feeding will be easy.
  3. Now, stick the puppy cutout on the cardboard box.
  4. Make a hole in the box where the mouth of the puppy comes.
  5. Draw a bone shape on a thick white sheet of paper and make cutouts of bone shapes.
  6. Next make bits of paper and write 1 to 10 (two sets).
  7. Stick the box along with puppy to the wall using tape or glue.

For counting activity for kids

  • Stick the number on the puppy and tell your kid to feed the dog that many bones. You can stick using any of the sticking methods(either glue /tape).

For Addition/Subtraction Activity for kids

  • Stick two numbers along with “+” or “-” sign
  • Tell the kid to first feed 3 bones then feed 2 bones which get collected on the floor/bin you place below the puppy.
  • Now ask the kid totally how many bones did the dog/puppy ate.
  • Similarly, ask your kid to feed 3 bones first then tell them to take away 2 bones which got collected in the bin below.Ask them how many are remaining with the puppy.

For younger kids (activity for the age group of 1 year to 2 years kids)

  • ¬†Ask the kid to feed the dog. As many as possible.

I hope you like the concept and the activity.

Lots of Love



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