Ice cream decorating kids Activity- Colour Matching and Shape sorting activity


For me, activity should be a combination of learning and fun. So I came up with the concept of Decorating an ice-cream kids activity.

Advantages of the activity:

  1. Kids have fun decorating an ice-cream.
  2. Learn shapes and color matching.
  3.  Help in developing the logical ability of the kids.

Appropriate for:

Age 2.5 years to 5 years. Change complexity depending on the age group.

Material Required:

  1. thick white sheet.
  2. Color paper/ newspaper.
  3. Glue
  4. Scissor
  5. Colour Pencil/ sketch pens

Procedure for Ice-cream decorating kids activity

  1. Cut the white sheet into a cone and an Ice-cream shape.
  2. Now take color paper and cut them into different shapes. If the kid is around two years just make one shape out of each color paper(simpler activity). If the kid is around 4 years make 2 or 3 different shapes using each color paper(increased complexity).
  3. Now use the cut out of shapes as stencils.  Using the same color sketch pen/color pencil as that of color shapes draw shapes on the ice-cream cut out.

shape matching kids activity

4.  Ask your kid to match and stick the shapes along with color.

5.  Colour the cone.

shape matching activity for kids

And a fun activity is ready.

Hope this activity helps

Lots of love





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